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An affiliate network can only be as good as the advertisers and publishers on it. It is really not about quantity, a metric often used by various affiliate networks. On Boflamid, it is clearly about quality of advertisers and publishers. After all reputable advertisers draw dedicated, hard-working publishers and vice versa. This has been the primary reason for which Boflamid has made such rapid strides in quick succession.


A good blend of physical products and intangible services available for promotion on Boflamid has contributed majorly to its success and reputation. After all, just as there is diversity on these fronts, publishers making promotional efforts are also equally varied. By ensuring that there is ample choice of physical as well as intangible / digital products for promotion, Boflamid has managed to cater to an ever burgeoning variety of publishers.


Performance marketing can only be successful with complete honesty and transparency on the part of affiliate networks. With Boflamid, a huge advantage is that there is absolutely no “shaving” of leads – both advertisers and publishers get an absolutely accurate picture of the leads that have been generated. Likewise, sales are tracked with absolute accuracy; no matter how small or big the sale value.


For every affiliate site, it is imperative that there is absolute transparency regarding commission rates offered by advertisers to publishers. Unfortunately, many affiliate sites do not maintain this mandated level of transparency. On Boflamid though, there is little cause for concern since all commission rates are known well in advance from the very outset, before publishers even begin working on promoting advertiser offers.

Our Services


Whether its SEO, Conversion or Social Engagement, our talented writers will provide you with content that matches your brand.

Web Design

Your website must provide a stunning, pleasant and innovative design that connects with the user by providing an unforgettable experience.

Graphic Design

Stunning design is the key to stunning websites. Use images that were designed specifically for your brand to show your customers you care.

Social Presence

We will maintain an outstanding online presence by delivering dynamic and unique content through your social media channels.


Our agency employes talented photographers to capture your product in the best light.


Position your website on Google among the top results and start helping those people who need your product or service.

Our Clients are Raving

Anne Robinson - Blogger

When I started blogging I didn't realize how hard of a job that was to get traffic. Thanks to Boflamid I started growing my readership organically and will hopefully be able to monetize it whithin the next few months.

Josh Clark - Hardware for U

I needed to drive more local business to my store. Boflamid helped me build a website and social media presence that increased the foot traffic of my store tremendously.